Service & Product
Class 1,000 Clean Room
Well-trained employees & Quality equipment
ELIGHT have class 1,000 cleanroom and more than 20 years of experience Technical Personnel.
We provide touch bonding and high brightness enhancement services.
Combine our own advantages and a clear and professional communication process to meet your product's need!

Five advantage of ELIGHT:

Man:Experienced team with lcd enhancement, optical bonding and touch panel design

Machine:Stable equipment, high precision, flexible manufacturing

Material:Well-known international brands material

Method:Following with ISO 9001 strictly

Environment:High class clean room
Solid Technical Team
LCD Bonding Facility
Air Bubble Removing Machine
Quality Policy
Keep improvement of our process and increase of yield are the basis for ELIGHT advancement.
ELIGHT passed the ISO 9001 certification to provide the best quality and service for you.
We insist the quality control and improve working efficiency to create a win-win situation.
5F, No.81, Lide St, Jhong-he District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
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